Tian Yu’s Poems (I)

Tianyu’s newer poems published recently

To Introduce More Chinese and Foreign Literature


Don’t diss me plz,

This silence is coming,

And my mood becomes to be virid.


The elegant myth.

Oh my sorrows will ready to roll?

I don’t want to be a poor fish.

Every summer day,

My heart will always in obvious dreams.

I love to avoid all the confusions,

Just to keep the curiosity.

Oh midnight,

You like a dignified beauty.

What my feelings of you had in deep already,

And I really really sure,

You’re my better lover indeed,

So plz don’t let me leave you away.

(2)City Bird

Yes I’m a lonely city boy!

I‘m always ready to fight,

And always ready to fall again.

What my dreams under the sky,

Although they’re too difficult to keep now,

But I’ll also shout to the loneliness 

that I won’t admit the defeat and the pains.

Who‘ll ask me,

That why did I always feel lonely?

I ’m afraid when someone wants to follow me,

My mind has become very vulgar in those days.

I can only let my heart go,

Always pretend to be a journey,

Then I can really find my own way.

I had been like being frozen for thousands of times,

Struggling at the intersection of right and wrong,

Only knew how much pains blowed into my heart.

In fact, 

When I was a boy, 

I was abandoned by many lights,

There was just a little self-confidence, 

And it ’s still in my heart.

Hey do you remember me?

You may not remember me,

Because I was too in ordinary.

Some people will definitely think,

This world is already very good to me,

And the God had given much more to me.

Yes I’m living a city,

I couldn’t get everyone’s sincere smiles,

And I couldn’t feel everyone’s true feelings.

Each of us can only dream the dreams,

Each of us can only stare blankly at the sky,

Then we can only wait together 

to fly away at a certain moment.


When our naked bodies appear in the mirror,

Do we feel fear in our hearts?

What the tiny shadows the people are,

Everything about us is really dominated by God.

When our naked minds appear in our eyes,

Can we see the lights and darkness?

The human are seeds full of desire,

Living between heaven and earth In fact, 

Everything that‘s true is the eternal truth.

Oh how lucky should we be,

This time we can face to each other alive.

Oh how lucky should we be,

We‘re sitting here now to pray for the world!

(4)Be Happy My Friend

On a warm afternoon, 

I picked up a cup of coffee, 

My free heart was full of the spring. 

Always thinking about something, that photographs like landscape paintings, 

Let me have too much good feelings. 

In today’s world, 

Although there had been many disasters, 

I always looked forward to the stars every day.

I always blv in that all the sad things, 

Will only temporary obstacles, 

I blv that once the sadness is gone, 

It‘ll never appear in rings. 

Life in now the world who hadn’t had a difficult time?

But you can get through it if you’re brave enough.

You needn’t have to cry to win all the time, 

Be happy my friend, 

Just show me your smiles, 

Let your loneliness be changed in my eyes’ catching.


Love is feeling love is a dream,

Your eyes are as gentle as the spring breeze.

Love is feeling love is a dream,

Your eyes are like the gentle melody.

I had forgot when was my day like a blank stream,

At that time I was just like an ant,

Don’t know where my destination is.

Until one day, 

My world was illuminated by lights,

You were like the beautiful raindrops,

Made my heart to feel the warmth always.

My tears won’t fall down again for pain,

Just coz you’ll always accompany me.

I feel every warmth will touch me,

Just coz you‘re by my side can make me won’t get more sadness.

Love is feeling love is a dream,

Your eyes are as gentle as the spring breeze.

Love is feeling love is a dream,

Your eyes are like the gentle melody.

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